Education Team Bi-Weekly Update 5/15/12

Congratulations to the Education Team, members of the Executive Board, and key contributors at UNMC’s College of Nursing. A special thank you to Mary Cramer for spearheading and seeing the grant application through to the very end! The application was submitted just before the deadline on Monday. Pulling off this feat was nothing short of miraculous! I think we deserve the award not only because it was an extraordinary proposal but because of the teamwork required to meet such a challenge in less than 10 days. Here’s to our success!
Upcoming dates:
• May 22, 2012: 12 – 3pm Education Team Meeting at Methodist College. Lunch provided. Please RSVP to Marilyn @ or Aubray @ Arrangements will be announced for distance participants. Please print and bring the information specific to your school from this link

• May 29 – Application Due
HRSA – Nurse Education, Practice, Quality and Retention – Interprofessional Collaborative Practice

• September 13 – Reception in Lincoln 6:30pm “40 under 40” to kick off Leadership Summit on the 14th (location TBA). Consider individuals who are leaders with in your organization who are leaders at work or in the community.
Colorado’s Nursing Faculty Shortage: What it is and why you should care
Like many states, Colorado faces a shortage of nurse educators. In order to address this problem, the Colorado Center for Nursing conducted research and published a report with a very convincing rationale. To be successful, the rationale for resolving the nursing faculty shortage has to be well defined, publicly visible and associated with an economic and health care return-on-investment (ROI). Fortunately, the return on an investment in nursing faculty is very high, ranging from 350% to 1,300%, depending on assumptions.
This report explores the profiles of over 1,500 Colorado nursing faculty that taught between 2008 and 2010, focusing on these questions: “Why, when and what, specifically, is Colorado’s nursing faculty shortage?” and “Why should anyone care?” This research yielded a set of eight nursing faculty investment return-on-investment scenarios. This report defines the nature, timing and impact of Colorado’s nursing faculty shortage, and helps to build a case for responding to the issue. The insights developed by this research have helped to inform a statewide dialogue as well as the creation of a Colorado nursing faculty shortage website.
Read the full report here.

Men Slowly Change the Face of Nursing Education
Men represent only 7 percent of today’s nursing workforce and an even smaller fraction of nurse educators. In the United States, only 29 of the 838 nursing school deans across the county are males. This article, published by RWJF Human Capital, demonstrates how male nurse educators can help diversify the nursing workforce and improve patient outcomes.

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