Practice Team Update

Practice Team Bi-Weekly Update 5/2/12

(This update will be brief as Kathy submitted minutes from your meeting this week).

Many thanks to all who attended and participated in the April 24 practice meeting. I am looking forward to working with you toward achieving the recommendations from the IOM. During this week’s Executive Committee Meeting Julie, your practice consultant, and I committed to assisting your team set up structure and an action plan to ensure success. Please choose a time in the near future that we can begin this process.

A meeting date with Cora is still in the works. I have had several emails from her in attempts to meet with a small group with representatives from NNP, NAC, and NNA. Will keep you posted.

 Our new website is up. Check us out at  I am in hopes that I can break away from my old VNA email and consistently use for future communication. I will send your updates to your email address until you become accustomed to using the website to view them.  It is a blog site. You can post/comment there. This could be a great tool for us. I will be looking into making some of  the pages private. More to come. The organizational chart and an “About Us” page are forthcoming.  

 Thanks for all your efforts!


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