Education Team Bi-Weekly Update 7/05/12

Hope you all had a fun 4th!

Happenings since June 20th update:

1. Data received from Grand Island CCC PN program
2. Need list for NANDD to send out Save the Date for reception/summit on Sept. 13 & 14th. Virginia may be on vacation. Please send if you have a list.
3. Hotel link for upcoming Summit- free shuttle to and from meeting as well as breakfast. Rooms are big – great for sharing! Room block expires Aug 17th.
4. New funding from Equitable Bank of Grand Island $750 and Great Plains Regional Medical Center of North Platte (pledge of $2,500). Please say thanks if you live in these communities.
5. Donation page up on website with link to Pay Pal via VNA’s account. Fiscal year ends July, 31. Goal 100K, raised 51.5K, counting in-kind approximately 91.5K
6. Please work within your team to complete 3 action items with timeline so that we are prepared to put together a strong Strategic Plan at our July Executive Committee meeting
7. CEU process for Summit being taken care of by L. Lazure and Creighton. Quite a gift. Please extend your thanks!
8. Midwest Regional Action Coalition Education Webinar on July 11th from 3:30-4:30 p.m. EDT (2:30-3:30 Central Daylight Time, 1:30-2:30 Mountain Daylight Time). This meeting is important for those who participated in the APIN grant
o Register here to attend: Login information will be provided after registration.

The RFP was released on July 2 for The Future of Nursing: State Implementation Program (SIP). SIP will fund up to 30 State Action Coalitions (ACs) implementing one or two priority recommendation(s) or themes (e.g. interprofessional collaboration) from the Institute of Medicine report, The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health. SIP will provide grants of up to $150,000 each over two years and will require ACs to secure matching funds, to sustain efforts over the long term.
There will be an applicant webinar to explain more about this funding opportunity on July 24 from 3-4p EDT. Registration is required, so mark your calendars. You can register here:
Many thanks for your commitment to the Education Team!

Kaiser’s Health Reform Quiz

Take Kaiser’s Health Reform Quiz to see what you know!

The health reform law promises to deliver big changes in the U.S. health care system. But, as with other sweeping pieces of legislation, it can be hard to get the real facts about what it does. And it is all too easy for misinformation about the law to spread.

Take our short, 10-question quiz to test your knowledge of the law, and then find out how you compare to the rest of the country, as represented by the findings of the Kaiser Family Foundation’s monthly Health Tracking Poll.

Education Team Bi-Weekly Update 6/20/12

Happy first day of summer! We continue to get a bit more publicity – my “Letter to the Editor” was published in Sunday’s Omaha World Herald.
It was a shortened version of the op-ed I wrote which they said was too similar to the NP article on the front page of the 6/7 edition (I disagree). I’m just happy we got this in – also good that it was the Sunday edition.

Data has been collected on two additional schools/programs:
Methodist – RN to BSN, LPN to BSN
Doane College – RN to BSN program

Plans are coming together for our Reception on September 13 in Lincoln honoring nurse leaders within the profession and/or community “40 under 40”. Get ready to nominate a worthy candidate. Our Leadership Summit will follow on September 14th from 8:00 – 4:30, Nurses Leading at All Levels: Bedside to Boardroom. The Summit will be held at Creighton University’s Harper Center. Both venues include national speakers. Save the date to come soon.

This week:
• Donation page up on website Adding Facebook and Twitter links soon.
• Hotel link for upcoming Summit- free shuttle to and from meeting as well as breakfast. Rooms are big – great for sharing!

Does anyone know someone who does CEU applications? Let me know – this needs to be addressed soon.

Many of you know that we did not receive the Academic Progress in Nursing (APIN) from RWJF. We were disappointed – an incredible amount of hard work went into the submission. The following comes from RWJF:
On or around July 2, 2012, RWJF will announce a new RFP called The Future of Nursing: State Implementation Program (SIP). SIP will fund up to 30 State Action Coalitions (ACs) implementing one or two priority recommendation(s) or themes (e.g. interprofessional collaboration) from the Institute of Medicine report, The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health. SIP will provide grants of up to $150,000 each over two years and will require ACs to secure matching funds, to sustain efforts over the long term. This program will match funds 2:1, meaning that ACs must secure at least $75,000 from other sources. Matching funds may include previously received and/or promised funds, but matching funds must be exclusively used to support the same one or two recommendations as designated by the AC, ensuring a true match. Funds previously awarded from RWJF, such as PIN grants, are not eligible matching funds. APIN grantees will not be eligible to apply for SIP.
Have a great rest of the week,

Practice Team Update 6/14/12

Feels like summer is already here! This update is a bit tardy, please forgive me. Helping with 2 grants and writing 2 additional grants in a period of 3 weeks took up most of my time. Since our last update in early May, you may be noticing that there are more discussions in the media about nurse practitioners. It is good to see this uptick – some articles we may cheer about, others make us realize we have a lot of work to do (e.g., the 6/7/12 front page article in the Omaha World Herald titled “If doctor’s not in, can nurse fill the role?”
With the help of many of you and the NAC’s Executive Committee I wrote an op-ed to that article. It was denied yesterday (they said it was too similar to the original article) so I shortened it up and submitted it as a “letter to the editor.” Unfortunately, R.H.’s beautiful story didn’t make the paper. I will include it here:

R. H., a NP from South-central Nebraska, was the primary healthcare provider for an elderly gentleman who was recently widowed. When he couldn’t drive anymore she started making house calls. On one occasion he was too dizzy to get off the couch. His pulse was 36. An EKG she obtained indicated he was in complete heart block. Ms. H. called Emergency Medical Services, the gentleman was transferred to the hospital, and a pacemaker was implanted. Over the next four years she continued to make house calls. When his health began to fail, he begged her not to send him to a nursing home. She honored his wishes, and with the help of Hospice, he was able to spend his last days at home.
Recent media releases and upcoming events:
• From AANP SmartBrief

• Expanding the scope of practice of nurse practitioners will help alleviate the shortage in primary care doctors and reduce health care costs, physician John W. Rowe writes. Opposition from medical groups is an obstacle to progress despite analyses that show giving NPs more authority doesn’t affect physician incomes, Rowe writes.
• July 17, 3:00-4:00 p.m. EDT – Strategies and Tactics for Successful Legislation to Remove Barriers to APRN Practice and Care (invitation to be sent) thru Campaign For Action
• One Strong Voice a health policy blog (web-log) from the ANA was launched in April. One of the main focuses of the blog is removal of barriers to practice for APRNs
Go to
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A small group met on Friday, June 8 in Lincoln for a meeting with NNA, NAC, and NNP organized by Cora Micek. Points of discussion were:
• Talked about using a “grass top” approach-contacts made by NPs that are leaders in legislative districts
• Using disaster examples – Joplin, Katrina to make sure NE is prepared
• Mirror the language of IA
• Do a gap analysis between the NCSB and NE Scope of Practice
• Collect stories

Here’s to building needed momentum!!!!!!

Education Team Bi-Weekly Update 6/06/12

I can already tell it’s summer-many emails come back to me saying OOTO back in a week! I hope all of you will be taking some time out for some summer fun.
I want to commend the Education Team on the exceptional job you have all done in keeping the momentum going on improving education in our state. I hope your enthusiasm rubs off on our Leadership Team (TBA). Practice has some big work cut out for them this summer as we will be setting the stage to make some legislative changes next session. If any of you have a relationship with a state senator-let me know and we’ll share our talking points with you.

Data continues to be collected for the NANDD. Schools I’ve received data on:
Creighton-MSN, DNP
Clarkson- all
College of St Mary -all
UNMC all divisions & programs
Weslyan-RN to BSN
Extras from the Campaign for Action newsletter:
July 11, 3:30-4:30 p.m. EDT – Midwestern Regional Action Coalition Education Webinar (invitation sent to Midwestern Regional Education Meeting attendees and co-leads only) Register here to attend:  Login information will be provided after registration. Individuals involved: Marilyn, Aubray, Lianne, and Vicki

Nebraska Action Coalition Recruitment PackageThe Nebraska Action Coalition has developed an introductory letter and talking points about the AC as part of a recruitment package to engage new partners.  Our colleagues in the AC have generously offered to share those materials, which may be helpful in developing your own package.  You can find these resources at the links above.

Warm regards,

Nurses are critical to a hospital’s financial health

From ANA Smart Briefs

Why nurses are critical to hospitals’ financial health
Nurses will become the most important asset for a hospital’s success, writes Richard J. Bogue, a lecturer at the University of Iowa College of Nursing. Hospitals need nurses to thrive under the quality-related payment systems, he writes. “Hospital leaders can succeed better with QRP methods by encouraging nurses’ personal and professional aspirations.” Hospitals & Health Networks Magazine (5/2012)

Education Team Bi-Weekly Update 5/15/12

Congratulations to the Education Team, members of the Executive Board, and key contributors at UNMC’s College of Nursing. A special thank you to Mary Cramer for spearheading and seeing the grant application through to the very end! The application was submitted just before the deadline on Monday. Pulling off this feat was nothing short of miraculous! I think we deserve the award not only because it was an extraordinary proposal but because of the teamwork required to meet such a challenge in less than 10 days. Here’s to our success!
Upcoming dates:
• May 22, 2012: 12 – 3pm Education Team Meeting at Methodist College. Lunch provided. Please RSVP to Marilyn @ or Aubray @ Arrangements will be announced for distance participants. Please print and bring the information specific to your school from this link

• May 29 – Application Due
HRSA – Nurse Education, Practice, Quality and Retention – Interprofessional Collaborative Practice

• September 13 – Reception in Lincoln 6:30pm “40 under 40” to kick off Leadership Summit on the 14th (location TBA). Consider individuals who are leaders with in your organization who are leaders at work or in the community.
Colorado’s Nursing Faculty Shortage: What it is and why you should care
Like many states, Colorado faces a shortage of nurse educators. In order to address this problem, the Colorado Center for Nursing conducted research and published a report with a very convincing rationale. To be successful, the rationale for resolving the nursing faculty shortage has to be well defined, publicly visible and associated with an economic and health care return-on-investment (ROI). Fortunately, the return on an investment in nursing faculty is very high, ranging from 350% to 1,300%, depending on assumptions.
This report explores the profiles of over 1,500 Colorado nursing faculty that taught between 2008 and 2010, focusing on these questions: “Why, when and what, specifically, is Colorado’s nursing faculty shortage?” and “Why should anyone care?” This research yielded a set of eight nursing faculty investment return-on-investment scenarios. This report defines the nature, timing and impact of Colorado’s nursing faculty shortage, and helps to build a case for responding to the issue. The insights developed by this research have helped to inform a statewide dialogue as well as the creation of a Colorado nursing faculty shortage website.
Read the full report here.

Men Slowly Change the Face of Nursing Education
Men represent only 7 percent of today’s nursing workforce and an even smaller fraction of nurse educators. In the United States, only 29 of the 838 nursing school deans across the county are males. This article, published by RWJF Human Capital, demonstrates how male nurse educators can help diversify the nursing workforce and improve patient outcomes.

Practice Team Update

Practice Team Bi-Weekly Update 5/2/12

(This update will be brief as Kathy submitted minutes from your meeting this week).

Many thanks to all who attended and participated in the April 24 practice meeting. I am looking forward to working with you toward achieving the recommendations from the IOM. During this week’s Executive Committee Meeting Julie, your practice consultant, and I committed to assisting your team set up structure and an action plan to ensure success. Please choose a time in the near future that we can begin this process.

A meeting date with Cora is still in the works. I have had several emails from her in attempts to meet with a small group with representatives from NNP, NAC, and NNA. Will keep you posted.

 Our new website is up. Check us out at  I am in hopes that I can break away from my old VNA email and consistently use for future communication. I will send your updates to your email address until you become accustomed to using the website to view them.  It is a blog site. You can post/comment there. This could be a great tool for us. I will be looking into making some of  the pages private. More to come. The organizational chart and an “About Us” page are forthcoming.  

 Thanks for all your efforts!