2013 ICAN Women’s Conference Take-Aways from Two 40 Under 40 Honorees

The NAC sponsored two 40 U 40 Honorees to take part in this year’s ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference at the Century Link in Omaha. Over 2,000 women attended this event designed to IGNITE our LEGACY.  Dr. Tererai Trent,  who partners with Oprah to build schools in Zimbabwe,  recounted being married off at age 11, having 5 children before 18, and realizing her dream to attend school (girls were not allowed an education). She earned her GED, BS, MS, and PhD degrees while studying in the U.S.  To find out more about the conference check out www.icanglobal.net  in one week to see speaker videos and highlights.

Beth Beam’s Comments:

I attended two breakout sessions at the ICAN Conference.  The first one was “Rejuvenating Your Inner Leader” with Dawn Gelderloos and Kathy Quinn.  They did a nice job of reminding us as leaders that we need to take time out for ourselves.  They discussed ways to relax (such as Yoga) as well as different ways you can reprogram your mind to let go of the “Fight or Flight” response that leads us all to be more stressed.  Making routines and prioritizing your relaxation was a major theme.  The other breakout session I attended was “Leading from a Mentoring Perspective” by Karen Baldwin and Laura Roccaforte.  This session focused on the work of Margaret Wheatley and the use of Leadership Circles to increase communication that levels the playing field and values the contributions of all members.  The session was interactive and the questions really pushed people to get to know strangers in the room…which I think was a great experience.  As a nurse educator, I had a chance to interact with women in business that I normally would not…and I realized that the challenges we face are often very similar. Overall, the conference was a great experience.  Sometimes we need a kick to go from ordinary to extraordinary…and the stories shared during the conference definitely gave me fuel for my own dreams and plans for the next 20 years.

Tara Whitmire’s Comments:

I was fortunate enough to attend the 20th ICAN Women’s Leadership conference through the Nebraska Action Coalition. The opening session provided much inspiration and motivation to do whatever your dream is. The first break-out session I attended was on sleep and its importance to the workplace. More emphasis is being placed on getting at least 7 hours of sleep per night. Less sleep leads to decreased productivity, illness and overall decreased well-being. ICAN is partnering with the Harvard University Sleep program to promote an initiative about a good night’s sleep similar to the initiative to quit smoking. The second break-out session was entitled Igniting your Dreams. It was a panel of 4 entrepreneurial women who discussed their dreams and how they made them in to a reality. Very inspiring and showed if you put your mind to it, it can be accomplished.

The last general session was a very emotional one for me. It had several speakers who discussed the education they wished to receive and the obstacles they overcame to accomplish their goal. It made me very grateful for the education I have received and for the place I live. There are girls/women all over the world who very much want an education and the sacrifices and troubles they suffer are astonishing. Something ignited in me that there is more I can do to help these girls, whether it’s in my own city or a country across the world. I felt very motivated and thankful when I left the CenturyLinkCenter for what I do have and what I can do for others. I thank NAC for the opportunity to hear such powerful women who have changed their lives and the lives of so many others.

The NAC Lives!

Awarded State Implementation Program (SIP) grant funding for 2 yrs through RWJF.  (See Grant Action Steps and Deliverables). This award will help to sustain our organization to continue to work to transform healthcare in Nebraska through transformation of the nursing profession. Congratulations to the SIP team members: Linda Lazure, Marilyn Valerio, Aubray Orduna, Liane Connelly, Mary Cramer, Diane Brage-Hudson, & Caryn Hohnholt – the award is a testimony to what passion combined with teamwork  can do.

NHA Research and Educational Foundation Scholarships

The Graduate Studies Tuition Aid Program offers eight students $3,000 per academic year and the Undergraduate Health Care Career Scholarship Program offers ten students $1,000 per academic year. Application process begins March, 2013. For more information about health care career scholarship programs, please visit the Nebraska Hospital Association website at https://www.nhanet.org/


December 2012 Update

Happy Holidays Nebraska Nurses! Looking back on 2012, I can say it has been a pleasure for me to serve as Director of the NAC and work with you to transform healthcare in Nebraska. I want to thank you for your passion, support, and work to spread the word in our state. Together we will write a new chapter in the history of our profession and patient care improvement. To accomplish this I encourage you to help spread the message. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter. Just click the button, like us, and share with your family, friends, and colleagues to move this initiative forward – time is of the essence!

December happenings:

  • Meetings with MadonnaRehabHospital and Lincoln Chamber of Commerce. Invited to speak to NHA Board on Jan 23 in Lincoln
  • Submitted addendum for SIP grant through RWJF. Positive feedback received- optimistic that we will win award at the end of January.
  • Letter to the Editor from NAC on Sunday, Dec. 9 – https://www.omaha.com/article/20121209/NEWS0802/712099973
  • Meeting with Jonas Scholar (RWJF doctoral student honoree) Michelle Johnson- involve in pushing IOM Recommendations
  • Cool pocket guide with the NAC vision, mission, elevator speech, talking points, contact info, scan code, and FB and Twitter info. Hope to send out after the first of the year

The NAC greatly appreciates donations in the past 2 months from:

  • Jean Farnam – NebraskaMethodistCollege $30
  • MethodistHospital $1000
  • Steph Burge – UNMC Kearney $100
  • St.FrancisHospital, Grand Island $2500

Education Team: Draft of BSN competencies was presented to the NANDD meeting held in Kearney December 6.   Feedback sought by March 2013. Input will be sought from the NAC Practice and Leadership Teams in the next two months

Leadership Team: Updated action plan through SIP grant application Merging Leadership and Education to Implement IOM recommendations in Nebraska. As part of the Nebraska Action Coalition – Future of Nursing’s initiative we want Nebraska nurses to see themselves as leaders from the bedside to the boardroom.  These are opportunities to help you on your journey:

Practice Team: First meeting held on the 407 Review Process on Scope of Practice for Nurse Practitioners on Dec., 14th with testimony delivered by L. Lazure. Many hours of work have gone into collaborating with our NNP partners.

Featured Articles (Resources from www.campaignforaction.org

Education: Panelists identified the shortage of nursing faculty as a major challenge, as prospective students are wait-listed and existing nurses are unable to continue their education. The panel recommended that employers and higher education providers must collaborate to improve program access. Find out more about the panel and report here.



Leadership: Opinion Leaders Say Nurses Should Have More Influence on Health Systems & Services


Practice: Advancing Health in Rural America: Maximizing Nursing’s Impact (June 2011). Examines the challenges of providing access to quality, affordable care in rural areas. Evidence shows that nurses can provide care to meet the complex health needs in rural areas. https://campaignforaction.org/sites/default/files/rural-health-nursing-gorski.pdf



Nurses still most trusted profession!



Six medical professional categories were included in this year’s update. Nurses’ high rating this year is not unexpected; they have scored at the top of all professions every year since they were first included in the list in 1999 — apart from 2001, when Gallup asked about “firefighters” on a one-time basis after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Nurses receive a 10-percentage-point higher rating than pharmacists, who in turn are five points above medical doctors.

The honesty ratings of all of these medical professions are at the highest levels in Gallup’s history, albeit by slim margins. Doctors’ 70% honesty rating this year is the same as last year’s, but up from as low as 47% in the mid-1990s. Nurses are now up one point from their previous high, and pharmacists are two points higher than their previous record. Pharmacists routinely topped the list before Gallup began including nurses.

November 2012 Update: Happy Thanksgiving


The Nebraska Action Coalition (NAC) is a finalist for the State Implementation Program (SIP) grant through RWJF! We were interviewed on 11/6 and will be submitting an addendum with more highly defined strategies to move education and leadership forward in Nebraska based on evidence. The grant funds will help sustain the NAC over the next 2 years to carry out our education, practice and leadership initiatives. We will be notified in mid January. The Exec Committee created our vision statement at our fall retreat meeting in October: Transforming leadership. Best practices. Quality healthcare.

We have developed a cool pocket guide with the NAC vision, mission, elevator speech, talking points, contact info, scan code, and FB and Twitter info. Should be sending out in December.
As part of the Nebraska Action Coalition – Future of Nursing’s initiative we want Nebraska nurses to see themselves as leaders from the bedside to the boardroom. Below are opportunities to help you on your journey:

The NAC greatly appreciates donations in the past month from:

  • Jean Farnam- Omaha $30
  • Steph Burge – Kearney $100
  • Methodist Hospital $1000 

Attention young nurses and all nurses who think young: The Center to Champion Nursing in America (CCNA), a partnership of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and AARP is seeking volunteers to serve as a Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action Online Community Leader. If you use social media this is your chance to spread the word about our work. We’re looking for volunteers to represent our Action Coalition by posting two times per week in the community. In time, your support will turn the site into a daily destination for the latest campaign information and elevate our state’s work to the national level. Interact by going to www.campaignforaction.org by posting on the community link, answering questions from other nurses from across the country, uploading video to share your vision of a transformed health care system. If you are interested in becoming an Action Coalition Online Community Leader, you will contribute greatly to our overall success. For more on this opportunity, contact Colleen Krepstekies at ckrepstekies@aarp.org Here is how you can help:

  • Contribute twice a week on our state’s issue related to nursing practice, leadership, interprofessional collaboration, diversity, and data
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The Executive Committee of the NAC and I wish you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving!

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