December 2012 Update

Happy Holidays Nebraska Nurses! Looking back on 2012, I can say it has been a pleasure for me to serve as Director of the NAC and work with you to transform healthcare in Nebraska. I want to thank you for your passion, support, and work to spread the word in our state. Together we will write a new chapter in the history of our profession and patient care improvement. To accomplish this I encourage you to help spread the message. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter. Just click the button, like us, and share with your family, friends, and colleagues to move this initiative forward – time is of the essence!

December happenings:

  • Meetings with MadonnaRehabHospital and Lincoln Chamber of Commerce. Invited to speak to NHA Board on Jan 23 in Lincoln
  • Submitted addendum for SIP grant through RWJF. Positive feedback received- optimistic that we will win award at the end of January.
  • Letter to the Editor from NAC on Sunday, Dec. 9 –
  • Meeting with Jonas Scholar (RWJF doctoral student honoree) Michelle Johnson- involve in pushing IOM Recommendations
  • Cool pocket guide with the NAC vision, mission, elevator speech, talking points, contact info, scan code, and FB and Twitter info. Hope to send out after the first of the year

The NAC greatly appreciates donations in the past 2 months from:

  • Jean Farnam – NebraskaMethodistCollege $30
  • MethodistHospital $1000
  • Steph Burge – UNMC Kearney $100
  • St.FrancisHospital, Grand Island $2500

Education Team: Draft of BSN competencies was presented to the NANDD meeting held in Kearney December 6.   Feedback sought by March 2013. Input will be sought from the NAC Practice and Leadership Teams in the next two months

Leadership Team: Updated action plan through SIP grant application Merging Leadership and Education to Implement IOM recommendations in Nebraska. As part of the Nebraska Action Coalition – Future of Nursing’s initiative we want Nebraska nurses to see themselves as leaders from the bedside to the boardroom.  These are opportunities to help you on your journey:

Practice Team: First meeting held on the 407 Review Process on Scope of Practice for Nurse Practitioners on Dec., 14th with testimony delivered by L. Lazure. Many hours of work have gone into collaborating with our NNP partners.

Featured Articles (Resources from

Education: Panelists identified the shortage of nursing faculty as a major challenge, as prospective students are wait-listed and existing nurses are unable to continue their education. The panel recommended that employers and higher education providers must collaborate to improve program access. Find out more about the panel and report here.


Leadership: Opinion Leaders Say Nurses Should Have More Influence on Health Systems & Services

Practice: Advancing Health in Rural America: Maximizing Nursing’s Impact (June 2011). Examines the challenges of providing access to quality, affordable care in rural areas. Evidence shows that nurses can provide care to meet the complex health needs in rural areas.



Nurses still most trusted profession!

Six medical professional categories were included in this year’s update. Nurses’ high rating this year is not unexpected; they have scored at the top of all professions every year since they were first included in the list in 1999 — apart from 2001, when Gallup asked about “firefighters” on a one-time basis after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Nurses receive a 10-percentage-point higher rating than pharmacists, who in turn are five points above medical doctors.

The honesty ratings of all of these medical professions are at the highest levels in Gallup’s history, albeit by slim margins. Doctors’ 70% honesty rating this year is the same as last year’s, but up from as low as 47% in the mid-1990s. Nurses are now up one point from their previous high, and pharmacists are two points higher than their previous record. Pharmacists routinely topped the list before Gallup began including nurses.

November 2012 Update: Happy Thanksgiving


The Nebraska Action Coalition (NAC) is a finalist for the State Implementation Program (SIP) grant through RWJF! We were interviewed on 11/6 and will be submitting an addendum with more highly defined strategies to move education and leadership forward in Nebraska based on evidence. The grant funds will help sustain the NAC over the next 2 years to carry out our education, practice and leadership initiatives. We will be notified in mid January. The Exec Committee created our vision statement at our fall retreat meeting in October: Transforming leadership. Best practices. Quality healthcare.

We have developed a cool pocket guide with the NAC vision, mission, elevator speech, talking points, contact info, scan code, and FB and Twitter info. Should be sending out in December.
As part of the Nebraska Action Coalition – Future of Nursing’s initiative we want Nebraska nurses to see themselves as leaders from the bedside to the boardroom. Below are opportunities to help you on your journey:

The NAC greatly appreciates donations in the past month from:

  • Jean Farnam- Omaha $30
  • Steph Burge – Kearney $100
  • Methodist Hospital $1000 

Attention young nurses and all nurses who think young: The Center to Champion Nursing in America (CCNA), a partnership of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and AARP is seeking volunteers to serve as a Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action Online Community Leader. If you use social media this is your chance to spread the word about our work. We’re looking for volunteers to represent our Action Coalition by posting two times per week in the community. In time, your support will turn the site into a daily destination for the latest campaign information and elevate our state’s work to the national level. Interact by going to by posting on the community link, answering questions from other nurses from across the country, uploading video to share your vision of a transformed health care system. If you are interested in becoming an Action Coalition Online Community Leader, you will contribute greatly to our overall success. For more on this opportunity, contact Colleen Krepstekies at Here is how you can help:

  • Contribute twice a week on our state’s issue related to nursing practice, leadership, interprofessional collaboration, diversity, and data
  • Share our website  & find team updates, events, vision/statements, links to other nursing organizations and the weekly Campaign for Action newsletter. Our website is interactive. Register as a user and comment away!!!
  • Like us on FB – Nebraska Action Coalition-Future of Nursing, Twitter – NAC4Nursing

The Executive Committee of the NAC and I wish you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving!

We are most grateful to our new donor-members over the past 2 months

$5-$25 level:
W. Deman, C. Franklin, P. Kennedy, J. Brown, S. McArdle.
$26-$50 level:
D. Sears, S. Hayek, T. Whitmore, K. Grigsby, A. Orduna*, J. Sundermeier,
V. Cook, J. Dougherty, L. Emanuel
$100 level:
D. Brage-Hudson, L. Walline, L. Lazure*,   J. Carmody, K. Wade, C. Wahl,
A. Mackevicius.
$200 level:
N.Gondringer, J. Sebastian
$250 level:
B. Cernech
$1000 level:
C. McCullough*
(* designates repeat donor):

Congratulations 40 under 40 Honorees

Congratulations to our honorees representing the entire state of Nebraska. These individuals will be honored at this week’s reception: Honoring Nurse Leaders: 40 under 40, held at Bryan Health Medical Plaza East We look forward to celebrating with you! Best to all of you as you continue to hone your leadership skills. Honorees in alphabetical order are:

Elizabeth Beam, Angela Beck, Heidi Bergen, Nicole Blaser, Kimber Bonner, Jayma Brown, Alison Bruckner, Nicole Colgrove, Joe Council, Theresa Delahoyde, Anne Dey, Betsy Feilmeier, Molly Fitzke, Shane Fleming, Danielle Geiger, Christi Glesmann, Nolan Gurnsey, Douglass Haas, Kelley Hasenauer, Heidi Keeler, Wendell Lewis III, Kelly Mackling, Natalie Mandolfo, Heidi Merritt, Torri Merten, Margo Minnich, Tiffany Moore, Melisa Paradis, Kimberly Peterson, Marcie Peterson, Karin Ricker, Mike Romano, Lori Rusch, Dara Schlecht, Sean Scribner, Heather Swanson, Heather Talbott, Josh VanBoening, Kari Wade, and Tara Whitmire.

General Membership Update 8/8/12

 In early July we welcomed Linda Walline, CNO of Columbus Community Hospital and Jane Carmody, V.P. of Patient Care Services with Alegent Health Omaha as our new Leadership Team Chairs. The formation of the Leadership Team is part of our reason for celebrating with events on September 13th  in Lincoln and September 14th in Omaha.

The Lincoln event is to honor 40 nurse leaders who are RNs age 40 and under for their leadership talents within the profession/community. Our goal is to encourage the development of young nurse leaders across the state. The reception in Lincoln, Honoring Nurse Leadership: 40 under 40 will be attended by the honorees and their guests as well as state senators, deans and directors, and leaders from the following organizations: hospitals, LTC, health insurance industry, banking, public health, rural health, and nursing organizations. Attached is a nomination form if you know of a nurse leader deserving of this honor. Deadline for nomination is August 17th.

The Omaha event is a conference/summit titled Nursing Leadership at All Levels: Bedside to Boardroom. This conference will award 6.5 contact hours and takes place on Sept. 14th from 8 – 4:30pm. See attached Registration form for more info. Register on our website at  Pay Pal is available for ease of payment. See link at top of left hand side of page. You may also print the PDF registration available in the links at the bottom left and mail in your registration with a check payable to NAC. Hotel link is  free shuttle to and from meeting

This summer’s happenings:

  • Peter Kiewit Foundation and North Platte Community Foundation grant applications sent July 15th.
  • Nurse practitioner scope of practice will be undergoing 407 review process
  • Application underway for a $150,000 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant called the State Implementation Program (SIP). It requires states to address 2 recommendations from the Institute of Medicines 2010 report the Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health (see link on website). The NAC will address recommendations #4: Education and the goal of 80% BSNs by 2020 and #7: Leadership – focusing on increasing RNs in rural areas, among men, and minorities, and getting nurses on boards involved in the healthcare decision making process.

Thank you to our July donors: Beth Furlong, Joyce Sasse, Beth Beam, Pat Coyle-Rogers, Marky Weeks, Rosalie Yeaworth, Sharon Hayek, and Kelley Hasenhauer. I would encourage our teams to look at ways to challenge each other. The Practice Team has the most members: I challenge you to take on Education and Leadership!!!!!

Get on board and help us transform healthcare in Nebraska. Be a part of history in the making! Donate now at   Options to become a donor-member:

  • $50 donation
  • $25 if you are a member of other nursing organizations
  • No fee if able to bring a contributing stakeholder into our ranks
  • The NAC currently has enough cash to cover 2 more months of expenses. Your donation is greatly appreciated.

Four liaisons have signed up from NE hospitals to increase our communication with staff nurses. We will be seeking liaisons from colleges/universities (including student groups), LTC, and community health care organizations. Please welcome Laura Gamble -Providence Medical in Wayne, Beth Gibbs & Jody Kempnich – Alegent Health in Omaha, and Peg Kennedy – Fremont Area Medical Center. Please contact me if you are interested.

Until next month,

Vicki Vinton

Director, Nebraska Action Coalition (NAC)


Practice Team Update 7/06/12

Hope you all enjoyed a fun 4th. I don’t know about you, but I need the weekend to recover from a mid-week holiday!

Strategies and Tactics for Successful Legislation to Remove Barriers to APRN Practice and Care on Tuesday, July 17, 2012 | 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. CST will be open to the Executive Team and Practice Team along with interested parties.
Register below at Survey Monkey.
I have reserved a room at the VNA for this Webinar. We have the room from 1:30- 4:00 to allow for extra discussion. Please join us. Don’t forget to register. Please RSVP as we may need a bigger room. This one seats about 20. About 6 people have replied. I need to know if you will be participating at the VNA – 12565 W. Center Rd Suite 100 or from your office via conference call. (Nancy, I know you stated you will try to come to Omaha).
Join the Audio Conference
Prior to and following the Webinar from the VNA 1:30-2:00 and 3:00 – 4:00
Dial-In: 1 (800) 749-9945
1 (630) 424-2334 International
Passcode: 7082 547#

Register here to let us know you will attend the teleconference webinar

Other happenings:
• Hotel link for upcoming Summit- free shuttle to and from meeting as well as breakfast. Rooms are big – great for sharing! Room block expires Aug 17th.
• New funding from Equitable Bank of Grand Island $750 and Great Plains Regional Medical Center of North Platte (pledge of $2,500). Please say thanks if you live in these communities
• Donation page up on website with link to Pay Pal via VNA’s account. Fiscal year ends July, 31. Goal 100K, raised 51.5K.
In-kind donations bring this total to just over $90,000. Help us sustain our work!
• Practice Team alert! Need 3 action items with timeline before July 30th Executive Committee meeting to update our Strategic Plan. This will also help you solidify your goals for the upcoming legislative session.
• CEU process for Summit being taken care of by Linda Lazure and Creighton. Quite a gift. Please extend your thanks!
• Need additional co-chairs for newly defined geographic areas:
East (Tom Baker, Deb Kozeny, Terrie Spohn): East of Highway 81 (Crofton thru Hebron)
North – (Need 2) All towns between Highway 81 and 83 to the West and North of Highway 92. Including Norfolk, Columbus, Valentine, St. Paul, Burwell etc
South – (Sandra Borden; Need 1) South of Highway 92 between Highways 81 and 83 including Grand Island, Kearney, Mc Cook, Holdredge.
West – (Rebecca Bowman; Need 1) West of Highway 83 and including North Platte, Scottsbluff, Sidney, Imperia, Kimball
* I realize these are not exact delineations but looking for some balance in setting up regions.

Looking forward to our conversation on the 17th,