NAC’s Mentor Directory and Mentoring Toolkit

Welcome to our new Mentor Directory!

Purpose: To connect emerging nurse leaders with experts across the nursing profession.


Since 2013, the Nebraska Action Coalition (NAC) – Future of Nursing has been addressing the need for nursing leadership as an important part of healthcare transformation and building healthy communities. As part of the process, NAC’s Leadership Team has researched mentor/mentee dyads and has developed tools to help build effective mentor/mentee relationships. 

For mentees: Our Mentor Directory will assist you with identifying a mentor.

  • Access NAC’s website to view the toolkit and other mentoring resources
  • Peruse the Campaign for Action website to view additional leadership resources
  • NAC is collaborating with nursing organizations across Nebraska to provide mentors.

For Mentors: Ready to seek a mentee and submit a profile:

  • Limit your profile to 200 words
  • Include current position, location, and roles
  • Include strengths from a formal assessment, such as Gallup’s Strengths Finders if available
  • Mention Interests, a little bit about yourself, etc.
  • Include a head & shoulders photo

For the Mentee seeking a Mentor

  • An NAC leader will review your submission requesting a specific mentor and provide you with the requested mentor’s contact information. Please email your request to
  • Mentee makes connection with mentor. Use the NAC mentor/mentee toolkit to facilitate the relationship
  • NOTE: A member of the Leadership Team will reach out to you periodically to check on progress and ensure your needs are met.
  • Fill out evaluation with each meeting and send completed document to

NAC’S 2019-2020 Mentor Directory

A mentoring discussion



Mentor/Mentee Toolkit

Please click the links below to open the documents

Mentorship Guidelines
Mentee Guidelines
Mentor/mentee Agreement
Mentorship Program Evaluation Form